Who we are

Apeiron s.r.o. - is limited liability company (Ltd.) mainly focused on research and development services and advice in the field of mechanical engineering.


Research and development services in the field of mechanical engineering - A substantial part of our team consists of highly experienced professionals engaged in the work of major international projects in the field of mechanical engineering.

Technical and Technological Advice - In the field of mechanical engineering, we are ready to give you advice for your technological arrangement of plants in terms of efficiency of production flows, technology, manufacturing, and assembly. 
Computer aided production

· 3D modelling of parts, groups and assemblies - We offer design of the objects with photorealistic output. Creation of the three-dimensional models from parts to final assembly units, whereas the customer can select desired file format from comparatively wide offered format’s range. Of course, preparation of the drawing documentation is a part of this service.

· Structural Analyses - We offer static, dynamic, modal and thermal analyses of parts, kinematic analyses of mechanisms.

· Optimizing the production flow - Modelling and analysing the production in order to find the critical sections, and layout plan optimization. Costs analyses, optimal scheduling of orders, machine tools utilization studies and similar approaches enable to save considerable financial resources inefficiently invested in many workshops.



Apeiron s.r.o.

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