Who we are

Apeiron EU s.r.o. - limited liability company (Ltd.) is the company with a primary focus on education and training in business and computer skills, and on professional digitizing.


Education and trainings

· EBCL - The European Business Competence* Licence, EBC*L is established internationally as the standard of education in business administration. It offers the possibility to prove exactly the practice-relevant economical core knowledge which is necessary in economic life.
Renowned enterprises have integrated EBC*L into their career programme and so the certificate enhances career chances.

The EU Commission, Directorate-General for education and culture (Lifelong learning programmes) as well as the Directorate-General for enterprises and industry (CIP programme to enhance entrepreneurship) support EBC*L as a best practice showcase for entrepreneurship.

EBC*L preparation courses and examinations can only be done at accredited EBC*L training and exam centres providing best quality standards and targeted preparation.

· Digital competences - new technologies and services required fast and flexible acquisition of skills and competences .Our education and trainings are focused on:

Þ 3D modelling

Þ Digital analysing tools

Þ Databases

Þ Digital design and managing of projects

Þ Word and spread processors

Þ Electronic presentations



Under the frame of this service, we offer the processing of documents from material and/or analogue form to digital form, saved to the data medium in accordance with your choice.

Key Benefits
* Short delivery time
* Possibility to process your documents in your
* Corrections and retouching available during the processing to digital


· Digitizing of the technical drawing documentation - We offer the conversion of drawing documentation from paper document to digital document. Principally, two optional ways exist – first to save the raster file format and the second to make its conversion to vector file format. This method enables to save huge plant’s place determined for storing drawing documentation, by its compressing to several media and to exploit saved place for production activities. Creating appropriate registers and structures for searching the electronic format of drawing eliminates time losses caused by searching in classic paper archives.

· Digitizing of text documents - Protect your unique documents against destruction, disposal and ageing! Make your places inefficiently occupied by storing of your documents free! You can have all your documents ever at disposal in your pocket. Electronic format of document and storage medium is selected by you, and we perform it all in accordance with your requirement.

· Digitizing of photos - We offer scanning the photos or similar graphics backgrounds and their digitizing to catalogue form. On the base of customer requirement, it is possible to create the albums with defined order, names and notes, etc. in various formats.

· Digitizing the audio - We offer the transcription of audio records to digital form in format determined by customer. The increase of record’s quality will surprise yourselves!

· Digitizing the video - Save your unique, but clueless against time, analogue records in essentially time-persisting digital form!



Company members employed with the guidance are able to provide you quick and professional guidance in the area of business law in mechanical engineering, as well as in economical and accounting branches

Key Benefits
* Quick providing of required information
* Flexibility of provided services
* Confidentiality of your data guaranteed by agreement


· Establishment of entrepreneur subjects - We offer complex services related to providing official and legal acts linked together with the establishment of entrepreneur subject.

· Economical and accounting guidance - One of the most important requirements in our dynamically varying conditions of system of law is careful following and keeping the law standards. We are prepared to help you in case of both, permanent and single guidance.

· Economical and accounting services - We offer you to use our capacities for complex services in supervising the economic and accounting records related to your business



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